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Hunan Rhenium Alloy Material Co., Ltd. (formerly Changsha Outai Rare Metal Co., Ltd.)

Hunan Rhenium and Rhenium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Rhenium) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and manufacture of rare high melting point metals "Rhenium" and "Rhenium alloy" materials.
Rhenium owns a rhenium technology research center and laboratory that integrates a number of breakthrough key technologies in the entire industry chain of rhenium, and has two major industrial manufacturing bases, namely the extraction and separation and intensive processing of rhenium. Large-scale industrial production capacity for advanced extraction and separation of associated minerals and smelting intermediate products, and also has the capacity to produce high-purity rhenium and rhenium alloy powder materials, finished products and high-precision parts in large quantities.




The company was founded in 2009 and used to be named "Changsha Outai Rare Metal Co., Ltd." and "Hunan Zhongre Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.". At the beginning of 2017, it firmly established the registered brand of "Rhenium" and the main business of "Rhenium and rhenium alloy" , And then restructured into "Hunan Rhenium Rhenium Alloy Material Co., Ltd.".
The company has won "National High-tech Enterprise", "Hunan Province New Material Enterprise", "Military-civilian Integration Industry Development Special Project", "Hunan Province Scientific and Technological Innovation Key R&D Program Project Undertaking Unit", "Changsha Science and Technology Little Giant", "Changsha City" over the years. A number of scientific and technological honors and qualifications such as major special projects of technological innovation.
The company's main creators are mainly young and middle-aged academic leaders, most of whom have nearly 20 years of technical research and innovation qualifications in metallurgy and materials related fields. In the next 3-5 years, they plan to produce a total of nearly 50 patented technological achievements.



Through years of technical research and industrialization practice activities, Rhenium has been involved in the special fields of new materials and new technologies involving new refractory metals and their alloying, especially in the industrial application of "Rhenium" which is listed as an important strategic national strategy. In terms of research and high-precision manufacturing technology, it has the independent innovation strength and industrialized manufacturing level of developed countries in Europe, America and Japan. Since 2017, Hunan Rhenium has launched a production line upgrade and expansion project with an annual output of 100 tons of 5N grade high-purity ammonium rhenate, 70 tons of aerospace-specific 5N grade ultra-high-purity metal rhenium, and 50 tons of rhenium alloy. The project was officially launched in October of that year. After it is put into production, it will increase its production capacity, process, product purity and quality to a higher level.
Since Rhenium provides users with eight series of more than fifty varieties of rhenium products, it has long-term supply of high-quality rhenium products from nearly 20 key domestic customers in nearly ten countries around the world. Its product specifications, quality planning, design and implementation capabilities, production and processing The ability to innovate and break through technology all occupies a certain position. The user group is mainly concentrated in the fields of aviation, aerospace, weapon equipment, nuclear industry, catalysts, semiconductors and precision electronics. In addition, in high temperature super fatigue resistant and wear resistant structural functional parts, high temperature temperature measurement, high temperature equipment, special light sources, special electrodes, etc. On the one hand, the company’s main creative team has also accumulated more application experience and customers. Rhenium is determined to become a Rhenium manufacturing enterprise with development prospects and comprehensive competitiveness in China and even the world!


company culture

1. Corporate mission: Strive hard for the development of China's high-purity refractory metal materials business
2. Business philosophy: use advanced technology, lower cost, and high-quality service to win a larger market
3. The management concept of the enterprise: simplify complex work and streamline simple work
4. Corporate Vision: The company values its employees, its employees are loyal to the company, the service achieves customers, the customer recognizes the service, the company benefits the society, and the society supports the company
5. Enterprise spirit: pragmatism, innovation, hard work, gratitude
6. Enterprise goal: to be a leading supplier of high-purity refractory metal materials and products
7. Corporate Responsibility: Take sustainable social development as its own responsibility, and create value for shareholders, customers, employees and society
8. Enterprise's talent view:
  1. It is our pursuit to put every employee in the company to a position that he can call a talent
  2. Both morality and ability are exceptionally reused, virtuous and untalented to cultivate and appoint, talented but not morally restricted to use, no morality and incompetent are not used
 9. Enterprise's learning concept: academic qualifications represent the past, and learning determines the future
10. Enterprise's quality concept: eliminate every quality defect at the source
11. The service concept of the enterprise: respond to the market quickly and accurately, and meet the needs of customers in an all-round way
12. The technological view of the enterprise: Technology is a powerful engine for the development of the enterprise
13. Team spirit: harmony, interaction, mutual aid, sharing

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